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Adrian Chiu, Ph.D., Philadelphia Therapist

Adrian Chiu, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Pennsylvania and maintains a fully virtual private practice. He is credentialed as a Health Service Psychologist and is authorized to practice telepsychology in 34 other states through PSYPACT.


Dr. Chiu has trained and worked in a variety of settings including community mental health clinics, state psychiatric hospitals, inpatient units, and college counseling centers. He is comfortable working with a wide range of presenting problems and is committed to respecting diversity in all forms.


Dr. Chiu provides individual therapy to patients ranging from adolescents to older adults, and also offers supervision and consultation to clinicians around the world. He works from an insight-oriented framework and is a firm believer that lasting change starts with a deeper understanding of how one's thoughts, emotions, and actions are connected within oneself and in relation to others.


St. John's University - Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (2013)

St. John's University - M.A. in Clinical Psychology (2010)

University of Notre Dame - B.A. in Psychology (2007)

Solo Private Practice (2016-Present)

Drexel University Counseling Center (2014-2016)

Lehigh University Counseling & Psychological Services (2013-2014)

SUNY Upstate Medical University (2011-2012)

Marymount Manhattan College Counseling and Wellness (2010-2011)

Creedmoor Psychiatric Center (2009-2010)

St. John's University Center for Psychological Services (2007-2011)



Adrian Chiu, Ph.D., Philadelphia Individual Therapist
Adrian Chiu, Ph.D., Philadelphia Group Therapist
Adrian Chiu, Ph.D., Philadelphia Couples Therapist

Do you feel disconnected from yourself and others? Do you find it difficult to identify, understand, or manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors? I view individual therapy as a deeply meaningful and collaborative process that can serve as a catalyst to shifting the way you relate to yourself and others. This allows for more fulfilling and meaningful relationships, and the subsequent easing of psychological symptoms.

As our world becomes ever more interconnected, you may have observed shifts in your patients that might include overlapping and intersecting cultural and racial identities. I have training and experience in both individual and group supervision, and specialize in working with integrating the clinician's own intersectionality into the therapeutic relationship along with possible parallel processes.

Thinking of starting your own solo private practice? From reviewing business structures, federal/state/city taxes, and EHRs, to health insurance, insurance credentialing, and saving for retirement, the choices are numerous and overwhelming with no one-size-fits-all option. I can work with you to narrow down options in a way that is respectful of your personal and professional ethics.

Rates & Insurance



60 Minute Initial Evaluation - $200

45 Minute Therapy Appointment - $150

55 Minute Therapy Appointment - $175

Sliding Scale on a Limited Basis



Blue Cross Blue Shield





If you do not have an insurance plan I accept, then I am considered an out-of-network provider. If you have out-of-network mental health benefits, I am happy to provide documentation for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. You can also use an app/service called "Reimbursify (" to submit your out-of-network claims, and they charge $1.99 per claim. Please contact the number provided on the back of your insurance card with the following questions:

  • Am I eligible for out-of-network mental health benefits?

  • What is my deductible and has it been met?

  • Is there a session limit per year?

  • What amount is reimbursed for the following services with licensed psychologist?

    • CPT Code 90791 (Initial Consultation) at a fee of $200

    • CPT Code 90834 (45 Minute Individual Therapy Session) at a fee of $150

    • CPT Code 90837 (55 Minute Individiaul Therapy Session) at a fee of $175

  • Do I need a preauthorization prior to receiving services? If so, what information is needed?​

  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?

Contact/Screening Form
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